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Publishing High Impact Factor Journals

July 9, 2020 Articles 0
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Publishing High Impact Factor Journals

Since ancient times, society has been divided into various casts and sects based upon the nature and quality of activities and professions. The origin of scientific research lies back in 16th century. The European were keen to invent, discover and innovate the human life through research findings. Good were those days when fellas had a passion to do purposeful research. That time, if there any classification or rank of research scholars had, was invention of their findings and had not solely the research paper category. The recent days glamour of impact factor publications have fascinating value for scholars towards job acquisition, promotions and fund generations without the realization of actual “impact” of research over the society. If we talk about the game of impact through citation then there are countless examples of highly cited research publication in little known journals. The word impact has been emerged as marketing term in race of publications. The contestant of this race have shaped up the cast system among researchers. In some cases, the ones who used to publish in high impact factors journals are self-considered as the “Barahaman”, the unreachables. This has badly impacted the beginner research fellows, as publishing in high impact factor requires time and managed guidance. While early researchers strive for the publications that are indexed in major databases like Scopus and Web of Science (i.e., Emerging) to complete the number of papers for institutional requirement and research funding. They face the time limit and proper guidance issues. In all this scenario, the GOOD idea does not matter highly but the technique to publish paper on any idea in high impact factor journal becomes the matter of importance. However, research on novel idea is not an easy and underrated thing to be compromised by only impact factor publishers. The number of citations should not be the ONLY factor to judge the idea. The practical implication of research work is appropriate consideration of quality of research.

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