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My First Twitter Sentiment Analysis

October 17, 2020 Articles 0
Publication by Waqas Ahmed

Data analysis is reckoned as boring and sluggish subject for most of the folks in academia (as the personal exposure) although once you indulge into the data analysis techniques with your sense of satire, humor and being mentality different, the whole process would take new shape (i wont say here, BELIEVE ME). After seeing various research papers on sentiment analysis of tweets from political concerns, it gave me wave of fondness to do so too. I banged into the sentiment analyzer program i.e., Rapidminer and following the hectic set of process, the sentiment analysis of tweets about PHDCHAT were analyzed on the polarity basis. Total 1000 tweets on October 07,2020 were assessed and inference showed around 64% tweets POSTIVE. The polarity results also explored the 10% of NEGATIVE tweets while 7% tweets were based on NEUTRAL views. Besides the polarity levels, there were 20% tweets with no particulars views and expression.
Satiric Ironical fact that research scholar are involved in constructive discussion, optimistic views and guidance based tweets. The basic reason of 70% positive tweets are ANNOUNCEMENTS and MOTIVATION material such as I AM PLEASED TO SHARE MY PUBLISHED PAPER etc. The sense of doing something unique first time has separate sentiment base, with same cadre following this analsis technique i pronounced myself the D of data analyst ;).


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